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 December 1, 2014


Update From the Transition Committee - December 2014


“Let the wise listen and add to their learning and let the discerning get guidance.” ~ Proverbs 1:5

The date for submitting questions has been changed to December 31, 2014. As we move toward selection of our bishop, the Transition Committee wants to hear from parishioners across the Diocese. It is important that voices from the pews are included.

  • Questions submitted will be categorized and reviewed by the members of the Transition Committee.
  • A list of key questions will be derived from the submittals.
  • Three questions will be chosen and asked of all of the nominees at each of the evening sessions.
  • Candidates will receive the questions in advance.
  • The deadline for submitting questions is December 31, 2014.

Submit your questions here, and please click here for additional important information from the Transition Committee.


Prayer Resources for Advent and More

Advent prayers are available on the ChurchNext website.

Additional resources on spirituality and liturgy can be found on the Diocesan website.

WE Are the Diocese...

Read about new and exciting things that make us proud to be the Episcopal Church in Central Pennsylvania.

Operation Understanding 2014 grants have been awarded. Read the list here.


Tell Us Your Stories


We all love stories, especially heartwarming stories of good deeds. Stories can be a powerful tool for evangelism. They are the glue that holds us together as Episcopalians. Stories can change lives; they can be the starting point for someone else to change a life!

Send me your parish stories (and a picture or two) for posting on the Diocesan website. Email me a short paragraph about what your parish, your youth group or your Sunday school is doing – help me spread the good news of the happenings in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

Linda Arguedas
Canon for Events, Programs and Communications

Happenings Around the Diocese

See other upcoming parish events here.


Diocesan Convention Reminders

Electing Convention, Mar. 14, 2015, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Harrisburg

Lay delegates eligible to vote in the March election shall be those who are elected at the Annual Meeting of their Parish held between Nov. 1, 2014 and Apr. 1, 2015. If a parish’s annual meeting is not held before the March convention registration cut-off date (Feb. 20, 2015), the delegates who served during the 2014 June Convention shall represent the parish. Elected delegates to Convention serve until they are replaced.

Annual Diocesan Convention, Oct. 16-17, 2015, St. Luke's, Altoona

Friday evening education workshops will be held at the Blair County Convention Center.

Council of Trustees Members

The revised list of Council of Trustees members is now available.

Dates to Remember


  • Feb. 7 - THRIVE – Eliminating Racism
  • Feb. 22-24 - Clergy Silent Retreat
  • March 2-6 - Bishop Walk Abouts
  • March 14 - Electing Convention
  • June 22 - Bishop's Open, Mt. View Country Club, State College
  • Sept. 12 - New Bishop’s Consecration
  • Sept. 18-20 - Deacon’s Retreat
  • Oct. 16-17 -  Diocesan Annual Convention


Remember in Your Prayers


The Rev. Jonathan Currier was involved in a biking accident last week and remains in the hospital.  News coverage is here; updates from the family will be posted here.  Please take time to pray for Jonathan and his family.

The Rev. David Culbertson (St. James, Muncy & St. James, Exchange) is in the hospital to undergo treatment for pancreatitis. Please remember David, his wife Diane and their family in your prayers.

The Rev. Deacon Patrick Strohl, who is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Alice Walker, wife of The Rev. Bill Walker (St. Paul's, Philipsburg) passed away on Nov. 16. Her funeral was held on November 19th at St. Paul’s Church. Please remember Father Walker and their family during this difficult time.

George Giles, father-in-law of The Rev. Kim Brooks, is recovering from emergency surgery to remove his stomach due to an aggressive carcinoma.

Deacon Janice Fritz, as she continues her cancer treatments.


The complete diocesan prayer list is available on the website.

As the diocese continues in this season of discernment and transition, we ask that you pray with us:

Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for the life of our diocese in this time of transition. You taught your disciples to work together for your sake, to act with faith, patience, and humility. Give us grace to listen to one another with respect and speak to one another with kindness. Remember our baptismal covenant, let us seek and serve you, Lord Christ, in one another and let us respect each other's dignity. We ask on behalf of the Transition Committee that your presence be felt with open hearts and open minds, trusting in your goodness and mercy, as we walk with the people of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, our bishop and the candidates in their discernment and transition. In your Holy Name we pray, AMEN.

The Transition Committee asks that March 8, 2015 be designated as a Day of Prayer and Conversation in parishes in preparation for the election of our new bishop.


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